I have determined, so far, that there were two (2) clans with the IAMURRI FAMILY name that migrated from Isernia, Italy to the USA.

The first was....
Joseph Nicholas Iamurri and his wife Mary (Roman) Iamurri
who came to the United States around 1882 and settled in Saginaw, Michigan
I have no information on their parents.....

The second was....
Anthony Augusto Iamurri and his wife Angeline (Porino) Iamurri
and his brother Frank Iamurri who came to the United State around 1913 and settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Their Brother Cosmo Camillo Liberato Iamurri and their Sister Marianina migrated to France about the same time around 1913.
Their parents were Giuseppe Iamurri and Carmine Ciampitte-Iamurri of Isernia, Italy....


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Joseph Nicholas Iamurri
Anthony Augusto Iamurri, Frank Iamurri or Cosmo Camillo Liberato and submit corrections, additions, new births etc...

Jimmie Clark Iamurri, Grandson of Anthony Augusto Iamurri submitted DNA for National Geographic's Genographic Project. The results are not based on family name or history, the test results were anonymous and assigned an identity number.
As you will see the results are truly amazing!

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